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Twin Path Slings

Twin-Path Slings

US Patent #4,850,629, #5,651,572
CN #1,280,458, #2,195,393
Italy #97300367.6
Japan # 2929431
Australia # 707924




This is the world's first truly ergonomic sling. It has a bulked nylon outer cover for superior abrasion resistance. These are made in sizes up to 500,000 lbs. vertical rated capacity. Larger capacity slings are available on special order. Extra Heavy Duty Covermax® is standard on 40,000 lb. vertical capacity and higher. These slings have overload tell-tails, inner red cover, and are used worldwide in place of wire rope slings for heavy lifts. They are about 10% of the weight of a steel sling. These products are repairable. The Twin-Path® patented design provides the rigger with two connections between the hook and the load for redundant back-up protection. These slings have 1% stretch at rated capacity compared to braided polyester round slings which can stretch up to 9%. If ergonomics, productivity and safety are important, then these slings are the only choice. This is the lightest and strongest sling on the market today with K-Spec® the longest lasting load bearing core yarn, backed by independent testing. All slings have fiber optic internal inspection system.

Sparkeater Sling

U.S. Patent #4,850,629
CN Patent #1,280,458




SE When you have a hot environment up to 300°F, use a Sparkeater® to lift the load without marring the surface of the lifted piece. Also, when doing stage rigging, order this product with a black cover for the protection it gives from exposure to fire, heat, sparks and pyrotechnics. These slings are made from Aramid high performance core yarns. The Offshore Certification Bureau identified these slings as being as good as wire rope or chain for use in offshore applications in the oil industry. As with all Twin-Path® slings, an inner red cover provides an early warning safety alert.