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John Sakach of St. Louis has all the equipment necessary to provide "state of the art" rigging necessities.
Our capabilities include:

  • Synthetic (flat web) Sling Fabrication
  • Round Sling Fabrication
  • Hand Spliced Sling Fabrication
  • Mechanical Sling Fabrication to a 2" Diameter
  • Dynamic and Static Pull Test capabilities to one hundred tons all Certified to ASTM E-4
  • Authorized Acco Chain Sling Repair Facility for Welded and Mechanical Slings
  • Diversified Wire Rope Inventory from General Purpose to High Performance Constructions
  • Marine Ropes to include Manila and Exotic Synthetic Constructions
  • Twin Path High Performance sling fabrication and repair facility
  • On-site inspection services including RFID technology
  • On-site Rigging Training Seminars
  • On-site load and NDT testing
  • Hoist and Hydraulic Repair